3D Print – Frame build

This was the easiest step I thought…

I ordered the aluimum profiles with cutting service, so I needed just taping holes. I was very prepared, cause I saw lot of youtube videos and I used drill oil but still succesfully broke one of the taper! 🙂 So bought in the local HW store a replacement part.

The trickiest part was past together with the two preassambled part, but was succesfull:

When I saw the assembled frame I be an excited so fastly I assembled the Z table carriage.

Servos and the electronic comes… 🙂

3D Print – Building start

When I waited more than a month lot of parts arrived. Mostly of the electronic and CNC parts ordered from Ebay and Aliexpress.
I bought locally the frame parts and ordered the printed parts from 3DHub. When the Printed Parts arrived I realized I choose wrong frame standard!

This is one of the highest value item between the parts… So I don’t want to order the full frame so I modified lot of printed parts for fit the 20×20 and 20×40 Item profile instead of V-Slot! Beside that quickly ordered the good profil standard for the movement from the UK.

After when modified the printed elements I’ve start to assembled the bigger parts.

When arrive the V-Slot I start assembled the X-Y carriage. My desk looked like this during the process:

Also start assemled the frames…

3D Printing – The Choosen

First the choosing:

Buy an OUT-OF-BOX solution or build a KIT or build from zero part by part?

  • If you want just printing the choosing is obvious: OUT-OF BOX. You can buy “ready to print” printers  but these are higher prices and sometimes need to upgrade, mainly the cheap printers.
  • Build a Kit – It’s a cheaper way but probably also you should upgrade… sometimes under the building process.
  • Build from Zero – In first it looks the cheapest way, but it’s not… 🙂 But you can choose freely between the plans. You can see how modify the community of the parts, and you can modify also! So this will be my way!!! 🙂 I choosen on of C-BOT printer modification: The D-BOT

    So I start ordered the parts in middle of december…

The way to be a coder – Part 1

So here Iam… I will be a professional coder around 11-12 months (knock-knock) in a special “just coding” school.
Actually I have “pre-programing” career but I never learn programing in the ordinary school system. I always learnt programing by myself.
So in this site I will post the interesting phases how I became a (hopefully good) programmer! 🙂

Now we are see the recerent life changer technologies as like the self driving vehicles, AI integration support, IoT devices, automated systems… and these are connected with each other on the internet.

And lot of new technologies arrive every day and integrated our life gradually and quietly. Just think about the mobile phones…

So I saw lot of challanges in this field…